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Goodwill of Mississippi Hosts 1st Annual Ghoulwill Bash

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

It's official—Goodwill of Mississippi's 1st Annual Ghoulwill Bash was a frightfully fantastic evening of ghoulish fun! Hosted by Goodwill Industries of Mississippi, this event was a bewitching celebration that brought our incredible supporters, staff, and community together for a spellbinding Halloween-themed extravaganza.

The event featured a Goodwill Halloween Costume Contest. What made this contest special? Contestants needed to provide a receipt demonstrating that a part of their costume was purchased from Goodwill to be able to enter, highlighting the remarkable finds in our stores. Each contestant was judged by a panel of judges and trophies were given out for first, second, and third place for those that showed true creativity and skill in their costume designs! What set this year's Ghoulwill Bash truly special was the pinning of five remarkable individuals as Goodwill Ambassadors. Our Ambassadors are individuals who embody the spirit of Goodwill, championing our cause and contributing to the betterment of our community. These dedicated individuals serve as advocates, volunteers, and beacons of goodwill, spreading the message of lifelong learning and meaningful work.

The 1st Annual Ghoulwill Bash was a hauntingly successful event, and it couldn't have happened without our loyal supporters and the incredible Goodwill team that brought it to life. We're already brewing up ideas to make next year's event even more mysteriously memorable!

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